Thursday, 22 September 2016

FXBilling - A free and open-sourced JavaFX Billing Application

Hi, I am happy to share with all the readers of my blog a billing application named FXBilling that I have developed in JavaFX. Before I tell more about this application, please have a look at its screenshot below:

More screenshots of the application can be viewed here.

This application is targeted at small-scaled Indian Traders, and is a JavaFX port of my earlier released C# billing application named Biller. The features include invoice generation & printing, invoice search, payment receipt, payment search, customer account lookup & printing, database backup & restoration.

I have taken every care to make this application bug-free; however, a bug or two may still have crept in. So, if you come across any bug, please let me know.

The Java version 8 (update 72) has been used to develop this application. Hence, you will require this or a newer version of Java to run the application. You can download Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) from here.

FXBilling Executable Download Link

FXBilling Source Code Download Link

FXBilling Windows Installer Link

I trust that you will find this application useful whether you are a developer or a user, and you will also enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed developing it. Do provide your feedback through the comments section below.

Thanks for your time!